Microfilm Destruction & Disposal of Microfiche

We guarantee the safe destruction of your microfilms

Because old information is just as sensitive as digital information

Microfilm destruction & slide film

If stored properly, microfilms can retain information for over 500 years and are extremely durable. For this reason, the space-saving data carriers have long been used as a storage medium for important company data and confidential documents. Due to the high density of information, it should never be disposed of using a normal shredder. Special devices are required to ensure that all stored information is destroyed. That is why we have adapted to the special features of microfilm destruction and will take care of the complete disposal for you. In our process, the microfilms are shredded so small that no information can be decoded, even when enlarged several times.

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We dispose of it for you

Regardless of the type of data, we attach great importance to the secure handling of data and will take care of the proper destruction of your sensitive data for you.




slide films



Disposal of microfilms on site

We are happy to provide you as a customer with our ShredBOX data protection containers available so that you can insert all accumulated microfilms there. Due to the usually large amount of data carriers, you have a particularly comfortable disposal with a protective container provided by us. You don’t have to make an extra appointment and drive to our shredder with your documents. Instead, throw in your microfilms on site and let us collect and destroy them. The specially secured protective containers cannot be opened by third parties. The metal housing also prevents the contents from being viewed and the microfilms cannot be stolen through the lock on the slot. You can therefore fully rely on our reliable and reputable microfilm destruction.

Self-delivery for destruction in our shredder plant

Would you rather visit our shredder facility to have your microfilms destroyed by us? Of course, we can make an appointment and receive your data carriers directly in our facilities. Our specially trained staff ensures that your confidential data does not reach unauthorized persons and is neither read nor copied until it is shredded. Thanks to our special techniques, the information on the data carriers can no longer be evaluated after destruction and all stored content is destroyed beyond recognition.

Exceptional security standards for your data

Because we want to offer you as a customer maximum security, we meet these requirements with our systems Crushing level F3 . These high security precautions allow us a serious and competent Destruction of secret and confidential documents . After we have destroyed the microfilm, it is therefore impossible, given the state of the art, to reproduce the stored information.

The particle size after destruction is about 7mm²

Acceptance of your old slide films by parcel service, forwarding agent or courier service

Would you like it particularly comfortable? You are also welcome to send us your old slide films by post or by courier. Please contact us in advance using our inquiry form.

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If you have any further questions, we would be happy to advise you personally and provide you with answers.

Andreas Schulze -PAPERSHRED®