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The service-oriented document destruction in Stuttgart

Schief Entsorgungs GmbH & Co. KG, based in Winnenden, is a service provider in the areas of recyclable materials and disposal, whose range of services also includes professional document destruction in Stuttgart and the surrounding area. The company pursues an ecologically oriented approach in all its activities and is the central contact for commercial enterprises and offices of all kinds for the disposal of files in accordance with legal and environmentally friendly standards.

A look at the range of services offered by Schief document destruction service

In addition to document destruction in Stuttgart, the company Schief has been providing all standard services in the field of waste removal and disposal as well as in the field of recycling reusable raw materials for more than 25 years. From the demolition of complete residential units or companies with the coupled disposal of classic waste to hazardous waste, Schief offers equally competent support with the delivery of sand and gravel or a diverse container service. The shredding of confidential documents in the private and commercial sector has also become one of the leading branches of the Swabian service provider.

Disposing of files in Stuttgart – Schief Aktenvernichtungs GmbH & Co. KG is your reliable partner

From the handy security container to the large-capacity container, Schief offers various containers into which trustworthy files can be filled for disposal in accordance with the current legal requirements of the Federal Data Protection Act. Schief picks up the containers quickly and inexpensively in Stuttgart and the Swabian area and ensures that they are professionally and safely destroyed and recycled. In this way, both individual stacks of paper and thousands of full folders can be disposed of at once, while always complying with legal standards. As a specialist company for data and document destruction, Schief GmbH & Co. KG issues a PÜG certificate after document destruction, which confirms the procedure in accordance with DIN standards 66399 and 15713.

At Schief, recycling is the key to sustainable document destruction

As in all areas of the company, Schief GmbH & Co. KG also ensures that all documents are handled ecologically when it comes to data and file destruction. The destroyed files with their natural recyclable material paper are fed back into the production cycle, whereby the company makes a contribution to the prevailing waste problem through intelligent recycling of the paper. The upscale environmental policy intention is not only reflected in the document destruction and is also observed in other disposal projects of the service provider from Winnenden. If you have specific questions about disposing of files in Stuttgart and the surrounding area, it is worth contacting us directly.

Your data is in safe hands with Schief shredding

Patient files, payslips, tax documents – many documents with sensitive data accumulate in practices, offices, hospitals, authorities and companies. According to the Data Protection Act, the entrepreneurs are responsible for the secure destruction of files. Schief guarantees you safe disposal of your sensitive documents.
The system is technically up to date and corresponds to the guidelines of the Federal Data Protection Act. The material will be destroyed on the day of takeover. After shredding, swirling and pressing, your data is irretrievably destroyed. This is guaranteed to you with a certificate. The valuable raw materials are recycled, and the residues are disposed of professionally in accordance with legal regulations.

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