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Document destruction in Kassel

Whether extensive file disposal, secure data carrier destruction or short-term archive clearance – our partner company Data:ex Datenvernichtungs GmbH from Kassel ensures that the confidential data of companies and private individuals is destroyed quickly and completely. Because the certified waste management company offers professional document destruction at the highest level in the region around Kassel, Staufenberg, Lohenfelden and Vellmar.

The competent company for document destruction in Kassel offers every customer the right format. Mobile file disposal is just as possible as comprehensive data medium destruction on the company premises in Kassel. On the one hand, the service-oriented waste disposal company provides its customers with closed data protection containers and secure containers in various sizes. At the same time, the company can quickly and securely dispose of confidential data directly on site in a truck equipped with document shredders. On the other hand, the company’s own large shredder system at the Kassel depot guarantees that whole files are shredded beyond recognition in the shortest possible time.

Safe and fast file disposal for sensitive data of any size by Data:ex

Documents are destroyed according to security level P3 to P4 of the DIN 66399 standard. This level of shredding is recommended when discarding confidential documents. Multiple mixing before and after shredding leads to even greater security when disposing of files and destroying data carriers. Since access to the company premises in Kassel, which is protected from view, is strictly monitored and all employees of Data:ex document destruction are obliged to maintain the utmost secrecy, the documents remain absolutely safe until they are completely disposed of. It is also guaranteed that all data carriers and documents are reliably destroyed within 24 hours . This also increases security when handling confidential documents, such as the specially protected vehicles, the standardized document shredders and the regularly checked data protection containers.

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Thorough file disposal in Kassel from the first to the last step

The customers of the certified disposal company from Kassel receive a detailed destruction log and also have the right to control the complete disposal of files. In addition, Data:ex confirms that the sensitive data carriers and documents have been taken over in order to confirm the proper disposal to the customer with a recognized declaration of destruction. Liability insurance with coverage of €500,000 also guarantees statutory compensation in the event of damage.

File disposal, data carrier destruction and company resolutions – at Data:ex everything comes from a single source

Although the certified disposal company specializes primarily in document destruction, data carrier disposal and archive clearance, companies in the region around Kassel, Göttingen and the surrounding area also receive qualified help with removing electronic waste and computers, with company liquidations and the removal of bulky goods . Because Data:ex document destruction offers a customer-friendly full service for all waste disposal.
The data:ex document destruction is also in use for you in the following cities and towns: Staufenberg, Bad Wilhelmhöhe, Braunatal, Witzenhausen, Waldau, Hessisch Lichtenau, Melsungen, Zierenberg, Bad Hersfeld, Homberg Efze, Rotenburg, Göttingen and the surrounding area.

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