Hard disk destruction in the Mainz area

Benefit from hard drive destruction from the specialist company in the Rhine-Main area

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Did you know…

…that we not only securely destroy your hard drives, but also help your company maintain a greener footprint? After destroying your hard drives, we return the components to the recyclable materials cycle, helping you achieve a sustainable approach to your hard drives.


Data protection compliant destruction of hard disks

Secure hard disk destruction from a specialist company in the Rhine-Main area

Hard drives are the digital brain and memory of a company and contain, from sensitive customer data to secret company knowledge, relevant information and content worth protecting that is essential for the continued existence of your company. We understand this fact and the importance of your data, which is why we destroy your hard drives with the utmost care and in compliance with the highest security levels, so that they do not fall into the hands of competitors or other third parties. To ensure that the data on your hard drives is always destroyed safely and completely, we use a shielded high-performance shredding system that destroys your hard drives and the data on them beyond recovery.
By law, hard drives are considered the digital equivalent of files and documents, which is why security and care must be taken when destroying hard drives in compliance with data protection laws – not only because of your customers’ and partners’ data, but also because of your own company’s security.
To ensure this, physically destroying your hard drives is the safest method, as this will eliminate the possibility of recovering the files.
Upon request, we offer additional video documentation of the destruction, as well as documentation of the serial numbers, or serial number recording of your hard drives.

We dispose for you

No matter what kind of data it is, we attach great importance to the secure handling of sensitive data and will take care of the proper destruction of your storage media for you.


Convenient collection of your hard disks


Data protection compliant documentation


Hard disk destruction up to level H-5/DIN 66399-2


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Our service offer

We offer 4 ways to have your hard drives shredded safely and affordably:

1. Standard hard disk destruction

If you choose standard hard drive destruction, we will collect your hard drives from the data protection container. You will receive a takeover certificate with the number of hard disks to be destroyed. The destruction certificate contains the information required by DIN 66399-2.

2. Hard disk destruction with documentation of serial numbers

The documentation of the serial numbers can be optionally added to service package 1. Before destruction, we scan the barcode of each hard drive and include the serial numbers in the destruction certificate.

3. Hard disk destruction with video verification

Many companies are planning or going through certifications. If so, it is especially beneficial if you can show the auditors video proof that your hard drives have been properly destroyed. You can book this service as an option to the service packages 1-3. However, you can also film it yourself.

4. Supervision of hard disk destruction

Would you like your data protection officer to supervise the destruction of your hard disks? We will be happy to make this request possible for you, so that you can be sure that we will irrevocably destroy all hard disks.

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If you have any further questions, we will be happy to advise you personally and answer your questions.

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Send us your inquiry now

If you have any further questions, we will be happy to advise you personally and answer your questions.

Andreas Schulze -PAPERSHRED®

We can offer you the following services for destruction

Pick up service


  • Delivery of locked, metal ShredBOX data protection containers to your desired location.
  • Filling by us in your presence or by yourself.
  • Fastest possible collection in a locked special vehicle.
  • No intermediate storage but immediate destruction on the day of collection!
  • Creation of a destruction protocol/certificate.
  • Environmentally conscious recycling.

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ShredBOX Data protection container


  • Permanent placement of our data protection container
  • Regular emptying or emptying on request.
  • Securely locked against access by third parties.
  • Protection against fire damage
  • With secure access flap

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  • Cost-effective and convenient.
  • Full control without third party intervention.
  • Bookable at short notice.
  • No interim storage, but immediate destruction!
  • Creation of a destruction protocol/ certificate.
  • Environmentally conscious recycling.

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