Document shredding pickup service

Collection of your files, data carriers & hard drives and guaranteed safe destruction & transport

Leave the responsibility to us

We play it safe for you

Use our convenient and secure pick-up service for your data, files and data carriers. Under strict security measures, we guarantee the safe transport and destruction of your files, hard drives and data carriers. In addition to trained staff, we rely on safe technology and destruction on the day of collection.

Your data is transported in our secure ShredBOX data protection containers, which prevent third-party access until it is finally destroyed.

In addition to the convenient service aspect of the collection, which is based entirely on the requirements of your company, we focus on security for you and the sensitive data of your company. Our pick-up service is a closed and secure system made up of qualified staff, modern technology and optimized processes. Our vehicles are locked and secured against theft box vehicles and box vehicles, equipped with an alarm system or electronic immobilizer and designed for the transport of highly sensitive data, so that your documents and data carriers reach us safely and securely for destruction.
For particularly easy loading with your files and data, our vehicles are also equipped with lifting platforms or special ramps – this ensures safe and problem-free loading under all conditions.

full service

Our services

We offer you an innovative full service document shredding
in the Rhine-Main area – fast, safe & uncomplicated.

Collection service for document shredding

    • Delivery of sealed, metallic data protection containers to your desired location.
    • Filling by us in your presence or by yourself.
    • Fastest possible pick-up in a locked special vehicle.
    • No interim storage but immediate destruction on the day of collection!
    • Creation of a destruction protocol/ certificate.
    • Environmentally conscious recycling.

With PAPERSHRED file destruction, even the most extensive archive clearance is done quickly, safely and competently.

Hard drive pickup service

Leave the safe collection and destruction of your hard drives to our trained specialists. Protected and safe, your hard drives are transported to our destruction site and destroyed.

Collection service for the disposal of e-waste

Electrical devices often still contain pollutants and hazardous substances that must not be allowed to get into our environment! Therefore, some e-waste items must be transported in security boxes. (e.g. monitors with tubes)

Let us transport and dispose of your e-waste professionally!
Our certification as a waste disposal company relieves the customer of liability for the improper disposal of electronic waste.

Collection of data carriers

We pick up your data carriers safely and securely from you. These include CDs, DVDs, backup tapes, Lto tapes, floppy disks, magnetic tapes and much more.
The collection is safe and secure by our trained staff and access by third parties is safely prevented.

Archive clearing with immediate disposal

Most business owners are amazed at how many files and documents accumulate over the years. The shelves are often bursting at the seams and entire basement rooms are filled with sensitive company data. In order to create space for current file folders, companies usually decide to securely clear the archives of all documents whose retention periods have already expired. However, professional help makes sense when it comes to extensive file disposal in order to save costs and time.
Comprehensive archive clearances with more than 300 files always require well thought-out planning and detailed organization. Because this is the only way to destroy the documents within a very short time, despite the huge quantity.
Therefore, please contact us personally if you would like to destroy a large archive. In this way we can clarify the accessibility of the premises and clarify all the facts about the individual archive clearance with you.

Lots of benefits, no catch

Your advantages of on-site pick-up

Regardless of the type of data, we attach great importance to the secure handling of data and will take care of the proper destruction of your sensitive data for you.


Collection by trained staff


Convenient service


Transport in protected vehicles


GPS monitoring of the route


Secured transport in ShredBOX data protection containers

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If you have any further questions, we would be happy to advise you personally and provide you with answers.

Andreas Schulze -PAPERSHRED®

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Send us your request now

If you have any further questions, we would be happy to advise you personally and provide you with answers.

Andreas Schulze -PAPERSHRED®