Document destruction Hanau

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Reliable document shredding Hanau according to DIN standard

We offer you uncomplicated document destruction Hanau . Bring your documents yourself, have them picked up by our staff or request our mobile shredder truck – we always adapt to your needs. The environmentally friendly recycling with our shredder system at your site is possible in different shredding stages. All destruction is always carried out according to DIN standards.

Do you need to safely and discreetly dispose of confidential documents after the retention period? Then call PAPERSHRED® now – your service provider with many years of experience in the Hanau area. Our well-trained staff will dispose of personal data, sensitive business documents and company letters on your behalf with the utmost discretion – everything is always optimally protected against access by third parties.

Document destruction Hanau

Highest security standards for document destruction in Hanau

The security of your data is always our top priority, which is why we have established very high security standards at PAPERSHRED®. From collection to transport to final disposal, your data will never fall into the wrong hands. We carefully document the entire process and at the end give you documented proof of the irrevocable destruction of your files, data carriers or business documents.

To ensure that we comply with the requirements of the GDPR, our system works at security level P3 – P4. After thorough shredding, the chopped up paper scraps are also swirled around, which makes it impossible to put the individual parts together later. Trust our service and request our professional service for your Hanau document destruction.

Do you need protection class 3 for very sensitive data? Then we come to Hanau with our shredder truck and carry out mobile data destruction. Since there is no further transport of uncut documents and your documents are only in the hands of experienced and trained employees, we guarantee compliance with the highest security aspects.

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As a certified disposal company , we are authorized to properly destroy data. We have a quality management system according to ISO 9001-2015 .


Document destruction with PAPERSHRED® is EU GDPR compliant. By default, we work with the security level P3 – P4. There is even more security with our shredder truck.


One-time destruction or regular service? Collection or self-delivery? You decide! We would be happy to advise you on which offer is suitable for you.


We destroy entire files ourselves. A previous separation into individual parts is therefore not necessary.

That’s how it works
PAPERSHRED® shred service

In just a few steps to the secure destruction of your files, data and data carriers.

Paper shred service. In six steps to the secure destruction of documents, data and data carriers.

Quickly find the right service for your company in Hanau

Decide flexibly between collection, self-delivery or on-site service

According to your wishes, you can either deliver your data yourself, use our pick-up service or request our particularly convenient mobile shredder system.

1. Collection of the files to be destroyed

From order acceptance to destruction, we guarantee secure and confidential handling of your information with our file pick-up service . Our employees work discreetly, prudently and are regularly trained in handling sensitive data.

Our team collects all files, business documents or data carriers from your company in special data protection containers. The transport takes place in GPS-monitored vehicles with alarm systems. The collection, the entire transport route and the final destruction are recorded with ongoing documentation. Since we do not plan to store your data, we can guarantee you the highest security standards at all times.

2. Auto Delivery

If you only want to have smaller quantities of documents or data carriers disposed of after the retention period, you are welcome to deliver them to PAPERSHRED® yourself. This inexpensive alternative is mainly used by private individuals and small companies. We ensure the highest level of security for both collection and delivery. Immediately after delivery, all data is professionally destroyed. Storage is not planned and contradicts our high safety precautions.
Before you send us your data, please register using our application form. After receiving a personal customer number, you can make an appointment online or by telephone and bring all the data in person. Of course, you will also receive a detailed record of the proper destruction of your data and files if you deliver them yourself. Find out more about the self-delivery of your files from Hanau.

3. On-site mobile document destruction

Is safety your top priority? We agree with you on that. Therefore, request our mobile document shredder for your company in Hanau and the surrounding area. Our shredder truck has everything you need to destroy your sensitive data. You are welcome to monitor the entire process with your data protection officer or employee. At the end you will receive documented proof of the professional disposal of your business papers, documents or data carriers.
Our powerful special truck with shredder works in different shredding stages. All destruction is always carried out according to the DIN standard and is subject to the highest protection class 3. Find out more about our mobile document destruction in Hanau.

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